Thursday, November 24, 2005


Steve's Video Of The Day: "Saab Gripen", Controlling The Battlefield!

Yesterday we saw a Saab Gripen do a "freestyle" landing, and what was left was carted away on a flat-bed truck. Today, let's watch the Gripen in action. The Gripen is actually a very well-designed aircraft, employing delta wings and canards. It rivals the American F-16, with each having the edge over the other in certain situations. Let's watch it in action, and control the battlefield.


Saab Gripen: "Controlling The Battlefield"

SAAB "GRIPEN" Specifications:

Low-cost, low maintenance multi-role 4th generation fighter jet

Length: 14.1 m

Span: 8.4 m

Height: 4.5 m

Empty weight: 5700 kg

Normal take off weight: 8500 kg in fighter configuration

Payload: 5300 kg

Fuel, internal: 3000 litres approx

External: 3800 litres

Max take off weight: 14000 kg

Range: 3000 km ferry range

Max speed: M 1.15 (1400 km/h) at sea level, close to Mach 2 at altitude

Acceleration: M 0.5 to M 1.1 at low altitude in 30 s

Turn performance: 9 G sustained, G onset rate at least 6 G/s (1-9 G in 1.2 s), min -3 G, 20+ deg/s sustained, 30 deg/s instantaneous

Climb rate: <100 s from brake release to 10 km altitude 180 s approx to 14 km

Ground turn around: <10 min with a crew of six

Engine: Volvo Aero RM12 (developed from GE F404 with the changes being at least new fan, afterburner flame holder and accessories, partly to make it more suitable to a single engine aircraft)

Max thrust: approx 54 kN, 80.5 kN with reheat, airflow 68 kg/s, compression ratio 27.5:1, mass 1055 kg, overall length 4.04 m, diameter 0.884 m, inlet diameter 0.709 m

Radar: Ericsson PS-05/A pulse doppler radar (can count anchored ships and follow road traffic at at least 90 km and detect typical fighter sized targets at 120 km).

The Gripen's built-in armament consists of a single Mauser BK-27 27 millimeter cannon, housed in a fairing on the aircraft's belly, offset to left to the rear of the engine intake. Given the aircraft's relatively small size, it generally carries guided weapons to ensure maximum combat effectiveness.

Possible external stores include:

Air to air missiles (AAMs). The primary AAM is the Raytheon AIM-120 AMRAAM, and the Gripen's PS-05A radar can guide four of these weapons simultaneously.

Antiship missiles, such as the SAAB RBS-15 turbojet-powered sea-skimming missile. A precision land-attack version of the RBS-15 is now in development.

Air to surface missiles, such as the Raytheon AGM-65 Maverick.

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