Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Steve's Video Of The Day: Junkers JU-52, "Iron Annie"!

The Junkers Ju-52 first flew in 1931, and had 3 BMW radial engines of 725 HP each. The JU-52 was used by the Nazis as a utility aircraft in a number of roles. It could be operated on floats, wheels, and skis. Amazing! The Ju-52 remained in commercial service until 1981, believe it or not, with Swiss Air, and there are a number still flying today. The Ju-52 was also called "Iron Annie", and the "Corrugated Coffin". Watch and listen as 5 of them provide a visual and audial experience. 15 radials X 725 HP each = 10,875 "Screamin' Horses"!

VIDEO - Junkers JU-52, "Iron Annie"!

Junkers Ju-52 Posted by Picasa
Photo by Gregory Witmer

Specifications (Ju 52/3mg3e):
Engines: Three 725-hp BMW 132A-3 radial piston engines
Weight: Empty 12,610 lbs., Max Takeoff 23,149 lbs.
Wing Span: 95ft. 11.5in.
Length: 62ft. 0in.
Height: 18ft. 2.5in.
Maximum Speed: 171 mph
Ceiling: 19,360 ft.
Range: 800 miles with auxiliary fuel tanks
Armament: Two 7.92 (0.31-inch) MG 15 machine guns, plus up to 1,100 pounds of bombs.

Number Built: ~4845

Number Still Airworthy: 7

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