Friday, November 18, 2005


Steve's Video Of The Day: Consolidated PBY "Catalina" Pearl Harbor Departure!

The Consolidated PBY "Catalina" was the most famous "flying boat" of WWII. I can just imagine the joy and adrenaline-rush downed pilots would have after viewing a Catalina coming to rescue them.

Aside from being a rescue aircraft, it also did anti-submarine patrols, was used as a freighter, and transport aircraft, and was outstanding as a Maritime/Coastal patrol reconnaissance aircraft . Basically, it had many roles, and fulfilled them well.

Canada was involved with Catalina production, as Boeing Aircraft of Canada built the PB2B-1 and PB2B-2, nicknamed "Canso", and a derivative of the PBY-5A was built by Canadian Vickers.

Over 4000 Catalinas were built between 1936 and 1945, and 30 are still airworthy today.


Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina

Engines: Two 1,200-hp Pratt & Whitney R-1830-92 Twin Wasp radial piston engines

Weight: Empty 20,910 lbs., Max Takeoff 35,420 lbs.

Wing Span: 104ft. 0in.

Length: 63ft. 10.5in.

Height: 20ft. 2in.


Maximum Speed: 179 mph

Long-Range Cruising Speed: 117 mph

Ceiling: 14,700 ft.

Range: 2,545 miles

Armament: Five 7.62-mm (0.3-inch) machine guns
Up to 4,000 pounds of bombs or depth charges

Number Built: ~4,000

Number Still Airworthy: ~30

VIDEO - Consolidated PBY "Catalina" Pearl Harbor Departure!

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Check out a great story about a boy and his father and a Canso in the Canadian Arctic. The story was written by John Goulet, and I actually worked with his father Lorne, the Canso Captain in the story, during the 1990's.

STORY - The Eleventh Hour: Adventures Around The Arctic Circle

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