Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Nov. 15, 2005: Winter Blasts Through With A "Vengeance"!

6 AM! I looked out the window. Holy shit! Mother Nature had lurched violently across the land, as the snow-drifts were deep, and the north wind howled. Yes, winter has arrived to stay!

Anyways, we were safe and sound inside. Visibility was about a quarter mile, as it was still snowing hard. We listened to the radio, and all the schools in the Interlake were closed, and even the Red River College in Winnipeg. During the day, 100 Transit Buses in Winnipeg would become stuck, and there were over 500 auto accidents. The snow clean-up bill is pegged at 3.1 million dollars for Winnipeg alone. What a country!

The storm still rages. Posted by Picasa

Major snow! Posted by Picasa

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I later went outside to face the wind, and "survey" how much shoveling there was to do, and there was a good couple hours worth. Time to dress-up the "snow clearing crew" and set them to work (if they want lunch).

The "snow-clearing" crew! Posted by Picasa

REAR- Steven Shane and Clyde August Eagle; FRONT- Wasakisik (Clear Sky) Turrell, Kiena Denise Dawn (The Munch) Posted by Picasa

Clyde faces the elements. Posted by Picasa

Yes, I think this time winter is here to stay, and the final "photo-op" goes to "The Munch"!

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