Thursday, November 03, 2005


New "Hangar" Constructed In Riverton............

Recently a new "hangar" has been constructed in Riverton, Manitoba. Apparently the specifications it was built to were such that it would house a number of "Beavers". We all know that the "Beaver" was in the past number of years considered one of the 10 best Canadian engineering achievements of the 20th Century. I concur, although I think maybe the achievement should be recognized earlier than the 20th Century. The "Beaver" has made an impact on Canadian history like none other of it's kind. We all know that the "Beaver" is right at home in a Canadian winter, spring, summer, or fall. This hangar was constructed of all local materials, and designed and insulated for the temperatures that will soon be upon us. Of course, it was constructed close to water, because once the ice leaves the lakes and rivers, you see "Beavers" everywhere. I am a proud Canadian, and proud of the accomplishments of the "Beaver". Here are some pics of the "Hangar".

The road to the "Hangar". Posted by Picasa

"Hangar". Posted by Picasa

All "local' materials. Posted by Picasa

Built for the winter. Posted by Picasa

Notice the "feed" stockpiled for the "Hangar" inhabitants.  Posted by Picasa

Winter-time "grub". Posted by Picasa

The "roof". Posted by Picasa

The "Hangar" entrance. Posted by Picasa

Notice the fine "saw-cuts" on the lumber involved in construction. Posted by Picasa

Quite the "Hangar", eh? The de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver, definitely one of the 10 best engineering achievements of the 20th century. The territory it accessed and opened up is legendary. The Canadian "Beaver", Castor Canadensis, is in my eyes, a creationary engineering achievement of the past 10,000 years! One fine "rodent"!

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