Wednesday, November 23, 2005


"Dispute Settlement".......

Everywhere you look today, locally or internationally, there is some sort of dispute. Wife vs. husband, political party vs. political party, province vs. province, country vs. country, and each side believes "they are right". The "media" never shows anything constructive and decent happening on earth, only "dispute". So, one night a bunch of us pilots got together with a large jug of "rot-gut" and decided to do something locally about these "petty" disputes, as there are many right in our area. We devised a plan that would be fair to both parties. The parties involved would confront each other, discussion and conflict resolvement would take place, and the final outcome of the process would be binding.

Well, it didn't take long for our services to be requested, and our plan put into action. A local northern community was having leadership problems, and we were asked to settle the dispute. Therefore, the Blue Water Aviation Dispute Settlement Team was dispatched with a number of team members and equipment necessary to resolve the conflict. They arrived at the community in the "nick of time" before the dispute became over-heated, solved the conflict, and returned to Base. And how did they accomplish this, you ask?

That is right, the Blue Water Aviation Dispute Settlement Team consists of some crew members, a couple of pool tables, and an airplane! Posted by Picasa

The team arrives, sets up the pool tables, and the adversaries play "best 3 out of 5" to settle the dispute, and the outcome is binding. Posted by Picasa

Hey, dueling, whether "fencing", or "pistols at dawn", isn't legal anymore, and this is a nice "bloodless" way to solve disputes. Do you have a better idea? Posted by Picasa

All in "jest",.........."Adios!"

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