Thursday, October 06, 2005


Riverton, Manitoba, A "Historical Canvas"!

I spent part of my youth on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, in a small town called Chemainus. When the lumber industry failed locally, Chemainus re-invented itself, and adapted to the changing times. One of the ways was to preserve it's rich history by painting murals on it's buildings. Fantastic depictions by outstanding artists emerged and Chemainus is now world-renowned and a travel destination for many to see the beautiful paintings. Take a tour of the Chemainus Murals.

Chemainus Mural Tour

This past Monday I returned to Riverton from Silver Falls to start to prepare my property for winter, and I noticed there had been some mural-painting going on in Riverton. The paintings were depictions of Riverton's historical association with Lake Winnipeg, fishing, and farming. I believe the artists did a fine job!

The exterior wall of D and T Shop-Easy. Posted by Picasa

Fine specimen. Posted by Picasa

The Vikings arrive, depicted on the wall of local business "The Other Place". Posted by Picasa

Manitoba Moose! Posted by Picasa

Nature at it's finest. Posted by Picasa

"Velkomin"! (Welcome in Icelandic) Posted by Picasa

World-famous boat manufacturers Zag Fab Boats have their manufacturing plant located in Riverton. The exterior wall depicts the company's long-time association with Lake Winnipeg. Posted by Picasa

Sigvaldason's Insurance Building has a beautiful mural detailing early pioneers. Posted by Picasa

A bystander awaits the "BETTYLEW". Posted by Picasa

Fishermen lift their nets to retrieve their catch. Posted by Picasa

Early farmers "cleared" and "broke" the land with their "backs"......... Posted by Picasa

Until recently, the railway played a significant role in the area..... Posted by Picasa

So, you see, there is a lot of "history" now preserved on Riverton's walls, and the paintings were well-done. Following is a photo of the artists' info, which is incorporated into one of the murals.

"Looking Back" Posted by Picasa

Oh yes, one other thing. Local business owner Don Bilinski had some friends by for a visit. I think maybe you should meet Don and his buddies.

Don Bilinski up to bat, with soccer-star daughter Desarae, holding the ball after her championship-winning goal!  Posted by Picasa

Michael Jordan stopped by for a "dunk"! Posted by Picasa

You know these two. All-time hockey record-setter Wayne Gretzky, and local son and Philadelphia Flyers "Broad Street Bully" alumni Reggie Leach! Posted by Picasa

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(PS -This is what Riverton looked like this morning at 7 AM, Oct. 6/05!)

Snow-laden bush! Posted by Picasa

Icelandic River! Posted by Picasa

Down-river! Posted by Picasa

The early arrival of snow! Posted by Picasa

No biking to school this AM! Posted by Picasa

This fisherman who owns this boat wisely stayed off of Lake Winnipeg! Posted by Picasa

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