Tuesday, October 04, 2005


One Fine-Looking "Rubber-Nosed Swamp Donkey"!

Yesterday, my good friend Wayne Letkeman, General Manager of Thunderbird Lodge & Outposts, sent me an e-mail of an animal that had just been harvested. Moose are the largest member of the deer family, and are a sight to behold, and very tasty! The boreal forest of Manitoba is prime habitat for moose. The area around Thunderbird Lodge, on the Poplar River, has a very large moose population, and is known for producing some very large animals, as there is an abundance of "browse". There are also many ponds and "beaver floods" adjoining the river, which are typically full of lily pads. Lily pad roots are high on the moose's list of "preferred cuisine". Anyway, check out the moose in the photo Wayne sent me, and marvel at one of God's creations, perfectly suited to it's habitat. There is also one proud "lady hunter" in the photo. Also notice the beautiful background colours, as "Fall" tightens it's "steely grip" on Manitoba.

Two fine specimens! This rack measured 54 1/2". It had one long tine broken, and Wayne figured it would've been between 57" and 58" without the damage! One fine animal! Posted by Picasa

It seems Wayne is running a successful hunt, as usual. Before I go, here is a link for some info on "Rubber-Nosed Swamp Donkeys" (Vince Crichton's affectionate name for moose), and details of Thunderbird Lodge's hunting packages.

Thunderbird Lodge and Moose Hunting

Thanks for the photo Wayne, and "nice shot", lady!

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