Wednesday, October 19, 2005


KYG's Injuries, "Close-Up"!

I posted Oct. 13 about an Otter I had flown in the past, C-GKYG. The post was called C-GKYG: "Crippled" Bird! Since that post I have received some more photos of the damage done to the aircraft before it was moved. Looking at the photos, and knowing KYG was "fully-loaded", although the damage is substantial, I find it hard to believe it wasn't worse. A Cessna Caravan in the same situation would look like a crushed "beer can". "Planned obsolescence" was never in the equation when the brilliant minds at de Havilland Canada put the DHC-3 Otter together.

KYG from behind. "Oh-oh, the tail-wheel isn't even touching the ground". Posted by Picasa

KYG collapsed on her right side, but as you can see, she sat on her folded gear, and there is no "visible" belly damage. Posted by Picasa

View from the front. Posted by Picasa

The wheel-gear belly attachment, with the strut folded back. Posted by Picasa

More gear damage. Posted by Picasa

The right wing contacted the ground, and was damaged. Posted by Picasa

The tip received some wrinkles. Posted by Picasa

There is a large "buckle" in the wing. Posted by Picasa

Wing damage. Posted by Picasa

There is quite a bit of work ahead for an experienced "metal man". Posted by Picasa

The prop and engine received serious damage, and obviously will be changed. Posted by Picasa

Ouch!!! Posted by Picasa

KYG in an uncomfortable, unfortunate "repose", in a fantastic, scenic part of Canada. After a new engine, prop, and assorted parts are installed, and KYG undergoes some riveting and "metal-bashing", she will return to the skies, with another experience "under her spar". C-GKYG is a de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter, and "proud to be"! Posted by Picasa

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