Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Kids, Who Will Never Get To Enjoy Being A Kid.......

Check out any hockey rink, football stadium, soccer pitch, or baseball diamond in Canada or the U.S. on a fun-filled Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and interview some of the kids, and ask them what their yearnings and goals are. Most will reply with wide eyes, and state they would like to play a sport, the same as their favourite sports role model. It is part of life in North America, and we all went through it. Nowadays, some of the sports figures (a lot of them) are questionable role models, but the kids still enjoy play-fantasizing about being like them. Take a quick flight to the Middle East, and check out some Palestinian kids. Now, I know all the kids are not raised this way, and I don't fault the kids. The adults who brain-wash these precious young kids are the "vilest of the vile", and their influence has to be stopped. It is going to take a long time to break this cycle of "genetic hatred". Too bad kids never get to be kids.

VIDEO - Fanatics "Taint" The Children

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