Thursday, October 20, 2005


Chronological "Snapshots" From My Past, Frozen In Time!

Ain't it funny how time slips away!

In the late 80s, the upper wing surface of 1959 Cessna 180 CF-LDW seemed like a good "perch" for these 2 birds, oldest kids Kelly and Kody, both presently University of Manitoba students.  Posted by Picasa

When flying low over the ice on a sunny day, sometimes the timing is right, and your shadow appears. QUESTION: What type of airplane is this? Posted by Picasa

Whoever answered a "1959 de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver on de Havilland "straight" skis, go to the head of the line for a free beer. Old C-GJJG performed unbelievably on those straight skis. Posted by Picasa

The "Shadow of JJG" held the "Winter Road Raceway Championship" on the 9 mile stretch between Little Grand Rapids and Pauingassi for 4 straight winters, 1986-1989. She retired undefeated. Posted by Picasa

How the old girl really looked. Posted by Picasa

"Thunderchicken" CF-GUE ( 1943 Noorduyn Norseman) cranks down the Icelandic River "on step". Posted by Picasa

Doing a Big Game Survey for moose and elk (and whatever else we saw) in the Interlake with Cessna 185 CF-ZZP. Notice the "hoar frost" on the bush in the background. Posted by Picasa

Lunchtime! Time to eat our frozen sandwiches! Also, notice the belly-pod on ZZP. What an invaluable addition, especially in winter. Posted by Picasa

The "Bowling Alley", Cessna 207 C-FBHP, framed by a Manitoba winter in the background! Posted by Picasa

Fueling Cessna Caravan C-GJJM during a "blistering sunny" winter day at Pine Dock, Manitoba. Posted by Picasa

Passengers and freight "disgorged", C-GJJM rests on the "ice" on Fishing Lake, Manitoba. Posted by Picasa

Son Shane poses with a hurtful look on his face, and holds his "berries". 1966 Otter CF-UKN looms over Shane. After the pic was snapped, Shane went to "wet the bushes". Shane is now in Grade 8. Posted by Picasa

How do you clear the runway when an aircraft lands without nose-gear down due to a seized "roll-off bearing"? Why, of course you lift the nose, lock the gear down, and get the loader/tug! Posted by Picasa

Yes, "time marches on", and "time waits for no man", as it seems like yesterday when these photos were taken.

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