Friday, October 07, 2005


Cessna "Submersible"!

The winter storm that started Wednesday, and "petered out" on Thursday, was a real nasty prelude to winter. Powerlines down, trees broken, a Morningstar Cessna 208 Caravan leased to FedEx crashed in downtown Winnipeg due to icing, highways closed, and numerous accidents. Somehow, everyone felt the storm's effects.

Even here in the "sleepy hollow" of Riverton, the effects were felt. The wind peaked at around 50 kts, and it blew from the northeast, off of Lake Winnipeg, and straight up the river. When this happens, the size of the "sea" in the river is unbelievable. If one has a boat or aircraft moored on the river, there are some anxious times and sleepless nights, until the wind dies.

This morning, my good friend Rick Eyolfson, owner of Riverton Airways and Bennett Lake Lodge and Outcamps Ltd. sent me some pictures of events along the river as the storm was slowly dying out.

C-GULA weathered the storm, with numerous ropes tied to it. ULA is the same aircraft I used on wheel/skis last winter for the Duck Mountains Moose and Elk SurveyPosted by Picasa

Ron Chekosky, owner of Big Antler Outfitters, was not quite as fortunate with his aircraft, Cessna 185 C-GAJZ! It has just begun to slip beneath the surface!  Posted by Picasa

AJZ attempts to seek out "Davey Jones' Locker", but the ropes from the left float to the dock keep it tethered. Posted by Picasa

Once the weather improved, the aircraft was lifted from the water, and surprisingly, suffered minimal wing damage, but of course the instruments and radios are all water-logged. It could have been worse, but still an unfortunate incident.

AJZ, out of the river, but with river mud still adhering to it. Posted by Picasa

Radio stack and other instruments removed. Any way you look at it, it is still a "royal pain in the ass" to have a floatplane sink! Thanks for the pics, Rick! Posted by Picasa

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