Saturday, September 24, 2005


Turbine Otter C-GBTU Delivers The Moose Hunters To "Paleface Lake"........

This morning I was flying Turbine Otter C-GBTU. I had to run 1 hunter and some supplies to Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge, and then head for our Sub-Base in Bissett. I accomplished my task, and stepped onto the dock in Bissett, and tied up BTU. The moose hunters I was to transport were already there, so I proceeded to load their gear. Once that was accomplished, I had to tie a boat onto the airplane, as the hunters would use it for traveling on the lake I was going to take them to. The lake was so far unnamed, but I figured by the time I dropped them off, we would have a name for it, and as you will see later, I was right.

BTU loaded, with the boat tied on. Posted by Picasa

Another angle view. Posted by Picasa

BTU, with HYB, having just arrived, in behind. Posted by Picasa

While I was finishing up, Codfish left in Beaver C-FEYQ to pick up 2 hunters from the Gammon River. They got 1 moose, and it had already been transported to Bissett. I thought I better go find it and have a look!

Ah hah! Here is the moose, hanging in our shop! Posted by Picasa

A small rack. Posted by Picasa

Actually, for the size of the rack, the quarters are quite large. Posted by Picasa

I tell you, I would love to have this meat for my freezer! Posted by Picasa

Then, it was time to head north. I loaded my hunters, and I was airborne. It took us about 25 minutes to get to the lake, as we had a strong head-wind, plus I had a boat tied on the side. We arrived, I checked the lake for rocks, and then we splashed down, and taxied up to a nice camping spot.

We arrive and tie up at the lake. I unloaded the hunters, and asked them what we should name the lake, as it was un-named on the map. Sometimes we use someone's last name. 3 hunters pointed at their buddy, who was flying for the first time, and was as white as a "bleached sheet"! Let's call it "Paleface Lake!", one of them said. They all laughed their asses off, their white-faced buddy looked like he was going to puke, and I shook my head. The name stuck, Paleface Lake! Posted by Picasa

BTU at Paleface Lake, just before I untied the boat. Posted by Picasa

A closer view, prop feathered. I got right up against the rock shore. Posted by Picasa

Different angle. Posted by Picasa

After I untie the boat, the boys carry it up the hill. Posted by Picasa

All their gear unloaded. Posted by Picasa

BTU unloaded, just before I left. Posted by Picasa

Just before I left, one of the guys, Willie Klassen, was taking a leak in the bush, and quickly hurried over once he was finished "shaking", and said he had heard a moose in behind where I dropped them off. They were all quite excited, and I am pretty sure they will get a moose, because it is a very nice spot. Anyways, I told them I would see them in a week, and taxied out. "Paleface" had recovered to the point that some red was returning to his facial colour, and he was sipping a "Lucky Lager".

"Paleface" and his hunting partners, at Paleface Lake! Good bunch of guys, hoisting their beers!! Posted by Picasa

I took off and headed for Aikens Lake again, as I had 7 passengers to pick up to take to Silver Falls. This I accomplished. Halfway back, I took one more photo:

Aircraft running like a top! Posted by Picasa

Till next time,

"Jermunga".........(helluva' way to die!)

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