Wednesday, September 07, 2005


The Sun Sets On "Shining Falls 2005"...........

Today I went north to retrieve Pat and Chickie Harristhal, owners of Shining Falls Lodge. Pat and Chickie have had a busy season since May, entertaining many guests, and the fishing has been outstanding.

Shining Falls Lodge is located at the south end of Family Lake, where the Pigeon River commences it's journey to Lake Winnipeg. As I arrived over the camp in Otter HYB, I marveled at the blue colour of the water, and the "pristine" condition of the surrounding area. "Yes, Shining Falls Lodge is sure in a beautiful locale", I thought, as I reduced power, and gravity returned me to the sparkling water surface.

Corey, camp maintenance man and "human fork-lift", carries the propane I brought to camp, to be stored and used next spring. (180 lbs. per bottle) Posted by Picasa

Corey and Pat have all the boats cleaned and stored for next year. Posted by Picasa

1960 Otter HYB tugs gently at her "tethers" against the dock........... Posted by Picasa

This is Cabin One at Shining Falls, and is self-contained, with fridge, hot and cold running water, and gas range. It sleeps 8, and is closest to the lodge and docks. I love the exterior of this building, especially the log deck supports.
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The fish-cleaning shack at Shining Falls won't see any "blood and guts" until spring. "In Memory of Tom Harristhal".......... Posted by Picasa

A typical Otter load when closing up a camp. Notice the right side of the picture, the filters and control panel for the "still" Pat had running all summer! It was the only way he could stay sane! (Just kidding, it is for his water system) Posted by Picasa

Pat, Chickie, and Corey, prepare to board HYB and leave Shining Falls........... Posted by Picasa

Pat (Dr. Doolittle), Chickie, 2 dogs, and a cat, smile at Corey and I in the cockpit, as "1000 horses snort and froth", and HYB takes to the air............. Posted by Picasa

Unloaded in Bissett, safe and sound! Posted by Picasa

If you need an Otter to move from a fly-in Lodge, you need a trailer to transfer your gear home. Posted by Picasa

Pat and Chickie were heading home once I unloaded them, and home is in Rapid City, South Dakota. One thing I must state is that I sure enjoyed working with Pat and Chickie this summer. Running a lodge and being in the bush for 5 months can be stressful, and leave people on edge, but Pat and Chickie remained unbelievably pleasant, and on the dock you were always greeted with a smile. I believe they had a good season, except for the "water woes" that affected everyone, and I hope they remain in the area for a number of years. "I hope your journey home was safe, Pat and Chickie, and hopefully we see you again later this fall." Real good, genuine people. Here is their link again;

Shining Falls Lodge...Roughing It In Style

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