Sunday, September 11, 2005


Steve's Videos Of The Day: "Sept. 11"; Re-Live The Rage You Felt............

I remember when I heard and saw the attack on Sept. 11, 2001, the feeling I had would be best described as "rage". Rage against the perpetrators, those "filthy cowards". There is nothing worse than cowards who commit major crimes against humanity, and then take their own lives. "Allah Ahkbar!" People too "cowardly" to stand and be held accountable for their actions. What a pathetic "code of conduct" for life. Anyways, feel the rage again! The "terrorist scum" are still out there, plotting and planning! Watch the Sept. 11 videos, and remember the "innocents". They will not be forgotten!

VIDEO 1 - World Trade Center Attack

VIDEO 2 - World Trade Center Attack -- The 2nd Plane

VIDEO 3 - World Trade Center Attack -- Another View

Feel the "rage" again, but don't let it consume you. "Good" always prevails over "evil", history has proven it! Just remember, "Don't Forget"!!!!!! ( Have you forgotten?)

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