Monday, September 26, 2005


Steve's Video Of The Day: "Rockfish!"

I have flown thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands, of American fishermen during my flying career. They sure like to come to Canada to fish. Even during the turmoil overseas, and the hurricane destruction at home, they continue to come and fish. I have always jokingly said that the American Homeland would have to be invaded before they didn't come fishing, and even then, they would figure out how to sneak away for a couple of days to come fishing! Anyways, I think my hunch about the American passion for fishing is correct, because even in the future, on a barren planet, at the edge of the galaxy, you will find an American fishing! Blur Studios does some awesome animation, and this one is good! "Rockfish" is a comic book-influenced, high adventure tale set on a barren planet in a distant corner of the galaxy. Sirius Kirk is a no-nonsense working man tasked with rounding up creatures that ''swim'' through rocks far below the planet's surface and plague the miners who live and work there. The story starts out as just another day on the job for Kirk but quickly turns into a titanic struggle with the catch of his life. ( I don't think fighting a big Northern Pike was ever this tough!!!!!!!!!!!)

VIDEO - "Rockfish!"

Web-Site - Blur Studios

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