Saturday, September 10, 2005


"Snapshots In Time" From The Last Two Days..............

Yesterday I did 2 trips for Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge, taking one group to the lodge, and one group across the lake to the Great Gray Owl, which is Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge's environmentally-friendly, self-contained, secluded outpost. The fishing has been fast and furious at Aikens Lodge all summer, check out the Aikens Lake Master Angler List 2005! 129 Master Angler fish so far, and most were photographed! Outstanding!

Then, I was back at Silver Falls, browsing around the hangar, while I waited for my friend Doug Burton to bring last Otter made, 1967 DHC-3, S/N 466, C-FVQD, to Silver Falls for maintenance. I had my camera with me. My "Spidey Sense" tingled, as I suspected if I looked hard enough, I might see a sign of "winter" (shudder)! Sure enough, .............

Otter skis getting new bottoms! A sure sign of winter! Posted by Picasa

The top side of the Otter ski. Posted by Picasa

The right ski, on the work table, with the measurements and reference points clearly visible. Posted by Picasa

Different angle. Posted by Picasa

I had a few "whiskys", then I heard VQD fly over. I thought I would get a sequence of the aircraft landing. I bolted for the runway!

VQD on long final! Posted by Picasa

VQD getting closer! Posted by Picasa

VQD on short final! Posted by Picasa

It was at this time that a "micro-burst" ripped across the runway, throwing VQD's touchdown into disarray! This is how VQD touched down!

VQD touches down , and with the pilot's superior "rudder skills", VQD maintains the center-line of the runway, and slows to a stop. Posted by Picasa

VQD then taxis to the hangar, and I followed to congratulate Doug on his "magnificent save", when VQD hit the "microburst"! Posted by Picasa

VQD taxied in and shut down, and I awaited Doug to exit the aircraft. The window on the pilot's side slid down!

Elizabeth! What the? Nice "save" on that landing! Posted by Picasa

What a beautiful kid! Check out that mischievous million dollar smile! They learn how to fly early in the Burton family, folks! Posted by Picasa

Just kidding folks, here is a shot of the actual pilot, Elizabeth's Dad, Doug!

Obviously, Elizabeth gets her outstanding looks from her Mom! Posted by Picasa

VQD is parked, and tomorrow she will undergo a routine 100 HR inspection. Posted by Picasa

Last Otter ever made, in 1967, S/N 466! Posted by Picasa
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Today, I took fishermen to Mannifrank Lake, and then headed for Bissett. I had to haul some lumber to Aikens Lake. When I arrived, I saw the floor joists I was supposed to haul. Some were 20'. An Otter can handle 16' lumber. My initial reaction was #F--@^&?><&!+=$@&!!!!!!!!!!! That would mean I would have to secure some to the floats, which is so damn time consuming. Oh well, as the pressure in my head subsided, from my initial reaction, we set to work loading, with Johnny and "Codfish" helping!

2"x12" laminated floor joists. The rest went on the outside! Heavy buggers! Posted by Picasa

On the outside! 20' long, 1' wide, 5 deep, an Otter can do it! Posted by Picasa

The old girl won't even know they are there! Posted by Picasa

Close-up! Posted by Picasa

Hey, halfway to Aikens Lake, and they are still attached! Posted by Picasa I made Aikens, unloaded, and headed for Silver Falls. My throat was full of "trail dust", I was feeling "parched", and I needed a little "sip". I filled a "pickle jar", and went to take one last photo!

VQD receiving her regular inspection, up on a jack, as the "oleos" are checked! Posted by Picasa

So, what excitement was apparent in your life the last 2 days? Till next time, I am just; Killin' Time (SONG) - by Clint Black


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