Tuesday, September 13, 2005


"Munchie" Starts School!

Yesterday, the 12th of September, 2005, my youngest child, Kiena Deniece Dawn (who we call "Munchie"), started kindergarten! She was up early and wanted to leave for school at 8:10 AM, which was a little early. Finally, she was at school, smiling proudly, with her "Dora The Explorer" backpack.

Munchie at school! Posted by Picasa

Munchie with her "Dora" backpack in the classroom........... Posted by Picasa

Fire Chief "Munch" has the situation under control........... Posted by Picasa

Munch tries out the fountain........... Posted by Picasa

At lunchtime, Munchie's big sister Kaitlan, who is in Grade 10, came to meet Munch to walk her home for lunch. Munch said she didn't need to be walked home, because she knew the way. She is becoming quite independent at a young age, and has "wide eyes to meet the world".

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Congratulations, Munchie, from Mom, Dad, Kelly, Kody, Kaitlan, and Shane! Have fun in school, and we love you!!!!!!!!!

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