Friday, September 23, 2005


"Moose Hunting" Begins.........

Moose hunting is open, and actually, for our area that we service from Bissett and Silver Falls, moose hunting began on the 19th of September. Only a few groups went out this first week, as the last couple of years, during the first week of hunting, it has been unseasonably warm, with no frost. The 2nd and 3rd weeks are quite busier. Just after lunch today, "Codfish", flying Beaver EYQ, arrived in Silver Falls, after retrieving 2 successful hunters from the Gammon River. They had 1 moose, which is a good "moose to hunter" ratio. The success rate of hunters in our area has historically been between 25% TO 30% (harvested moose to hunter percentage) for the Rifle Non-Draw hunt, which basically is close to 1 moose harvested for every 4 hunters, so these boys did quite well.

"Codfish" wrestles a moose quarter from EYQ......... Posted by Picasa

Meat for the freezer....... Posted by Picasa

The tagged "rack" in the back of a pickup. Not an overly large moose, but the meat will be tasty. Notice the "rub marks" on the rack........... Posted by Picasa

Hunting necessities.......... Posted by Picasa

After we unloaded Codfish, I prepped Otter BTU, our turbine Otter. I would be taking 6 hunters and fishermen to Little Cross Lake, which is a number of miles inland on the east side of Lake Winnipeg, just northeast of Black Island. I loaded up the gear for Larry Clovechuk, Don Lagimodiere, and 4 more of their buddies, and we were airborne.

Safe and sound, and unloaded, at Little Cross Lake! Posted by Picasa

Then I thought I would walk up the hill, and check out the cabin. We had hauled this cabin into the bush a couple of years ago, piece by piece. Man, I stopped and thought about the number of cabins I have hauled into the bush for other people in my career, and they are numerous. Hopefully, one day, the lumber I unload from the Otter will be for my own cabin!

The cabin interior at Little Cross. Wide open and basic. Posted by Picasa

The "necessary" wood-stove.......... Posted by Picasa

The view from the front deck........... Posted by Picasa

Front of the cabin, with a screened-in deck...... Posted by Picasa

Then, I thought I better "mount up", and head for home!

BTU appears through the jack-pines........... Posted by Picasa

My horse awaits........... Posted by Picasa

Shit, look at the beaver dam holding back the water in the creek over BTU's nose........I bet there is a moose up there!!! Posted by Picasa

I "lit" BTU up, and taxied out. I cursed and swore, because a rain shower went through, the wind picked up, and I couldn't turn around in the small bay I was in. I had to back up all the way back to the lake. Anyways, I took off finally, got home, the day was done, and I thought I would head for my trailer, as I was feeling quite dumb, and figured I needed a pickle jar full of "liquid intellect". On the way there, I saw another sign of "winter".

Crap, the boys took YLZ off of floats, and put her on her wheel-gear. When floats come off, it is a sure sign of winter! She will be getting a Walter Turbine installed this winter in the hangar. Posted by Picasa

Nice looking ship! Posted by Picasa

Then I thought, "Hey, if this old girl gets a turbine, there are some items you won't see on her again"! I thought I would get closer and check some of them out.

So long Pratt and Whitney R1340 CI engine! I will miss your clattering! Good-bye Hamilton Standard hydromatic propeller. I will miss your surging! Posted by Picasa

Good-bye .667/1 (prop/engine) reduction gearbox! I will miss your whirring! Posted by Picasa

Good-bye 10" augmentor tubes. Though you drew cooling air over the cylinders, and actually provided some thrust, you won't be necessary anymore. Posted by Picasa

And last, but not least, good-bye P&W 1340 cylinders. Never again will your tops be blown off, as you make some "poor sap pilot" fall from the sky, as you did to me twice in my career (I made water both times, fully loaded).  Posted by Picasa

Anyways, this "liquid intellect" is going down smoothly, and I think I am getting smarter. So folks, what was exciting in your life today? Till next time,

"Me ho wo ekyene"..........Asante (Ghana)

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