Sunday, September 25, 2005


Moose Hanging In The Bush, At "Bushey Lake"!!!

Last night my buddy and fellow pilot Johnny Friesen told me he needed me to help him pick up some moose hunters this morning, and take them to Bissett, as he was busy also. There were 6 hunters, and Codfish, flying Beaver C-FEYQ, would help retrieve them. So, this morning I headed for Bushey Lake, which is on the Bloodvein River, just downstream from Artery Lake. I arrived at Bushey, and I could see the curls of smoke rising from the shoreline where the guys were camped. I greased Walter Turbine Otter C-GBTU onto the lake surface, and taxied into the campsite.

Tied up on the shoreline at Bushey Lake, looking at a large "conglomeration" of gear............ Posted by Picasa

Against the shore at Bushey Lake! The "cavernous" interior of BTU awaits, with a canoe strapped to the right side already. Posted by Picasa

A "snapshot" from my day............. Posted by Picasa

Then, the boys told me they had a moose, so I thought I would go look for it!

Ah hah! Here is their moose, hanging in the bush. Off the ground, and exposed from all sides, so that any breeze will cool the meat. Posted by Picasa

Lots of meat there........... Posted by Picasa

Shot of the rack....... Posted by Picasa

Steaks, roasts, and SAUSAGE.............!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

The boys cut down the quarters, and act like "pack mules"......... Posted by Picasa

2nd quarter........ Posted by Picasa

3rd quarter........... Posted by Picasa

Last quarter! Posted by Picasa

We finally got all their gear and moose loaded in BTU! Posted by Picasa

Holy shit, loaded "to the nuts", yes, and everything secured with straps............ Posted by Picasa

"Aye, Caramba!...", these guys had lots of shit!!!..........(Notice the tie-down straps, everything secure....) Posted by Picasa

The guys hang onto the airplane before I fire up! In their day jobs, they all dance for the Winnipeg Ballet Company! Posted by Picasa

BTU spooled up, I took off, and I took only one hunter with me, and headed for Bissett. Codfish would pick up the other 5 hunters, with no gear, in the Beaver.

Arrived in Bissett, safe and sound! The canoe still attached! Posted by Picasa

Unloaded! Posted by Picasa

As I prepare to untie the canoe, notice how it is attached. A rope attaching to each float gear leg holding it secure, a lasso rope in the rear so it doesn't slide back, and a "cinch" rope in the middle. Posted by Picasa

The "cinch" rope in between the 2 gear leg ropes tightens them, and holds the canoe secure. Posted by Picasa

HYB in the background! Posted by Picasa

HYB, a fine piece of work! Love that prop! Posted by Picasa

Then, Codfish showed up with the other 5 hunters, and unloaded them!

Codfish and EYQ approaching the dock! Posted by Picasa

Codfish and his "mount"! Posted by Picasa

Beaver EYQ!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Nice snout! Posted by Picasa

Codfish and EYQ! Posted by Picasa

Later, I headed for Silver Falls! Look how the colours are changing, folks, it is FALL! Till next time, "Bottoms Up"!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

(A day in my life!!!!)

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