Friday, September 16, 2005


Hauling "Odds and Ends" To "Odd Lake", Ontario...........

Today I loaded up old 1960 Otter HYB, as I was transporting 3 workmen, a Polaris "Quad", and a whole "shitload" of tools, groceries, and "odds and ends" to Odd Lake, Ontario! The guys were finishing off a private cabin that was being built by the lake. Man, we had the whole aircraft loaded "to the nuts", with all cargo nicely secured. We made the lake, and at the west end I saw one small "bullie" moose, maybe a couple of years old, but as we flew over the east end of the lake, there were 2 "huge" bull moose on the south side, in close proximity! Their "racks" were like beacons! Obviously there was a "cow" close by, and a fight would probably ensue in the near future! I greased old HYB onto the lake surface, missing all the rocks, as the lake was "filthy" with them! As I taxied in, I could feel my water rudders dragging!

Unloading at "Odd Lake", some items already unsecured, yes, we were "loaded to the nuts"! Posted by Picasa

HYB tethered at Odd Lake. Good thing the winds were light, as we were against the rocks, and the lake is very shallow. Posted by Picasa

HYB in her element......... Posted by Picasa

The "Polaris" 400 CC Quad visible in the door of HYB! Posted by Picasa

You can sure get a lot of "shit" in an Otter............ Posted by Picasa

The "Quad" shown in the "tail"......... Posted by Picasa

We finally unload everything, except the "Quad", and then we roll it forward, as we have to exit it "rear first"! The red nylon cam-lock strap visible is compressing the rear suspension, so the "Quad" is not as high as normal. Posted by Picasa

We finally "wrestled the bugger" up onto the rock! Posted by Picasa

The boys finally had the "Quad" on the shore, and the boys tried to start it with the electric starter. "Vvvviiiizzzzzzz---.....! Vvvvviiiiizzzzzzzzzzzz----.......! Vvvvvvvviiiiiiiiizzzzz---------............!!!!!!!!!!!!" The starter would not engage! Then, one of the gentlemen pulled the manual recoil starter! "Bbbrrruuppp! Bbbbrrruuuppp! Bbbrruppppp.... Brrruuummmm, Brrrummm----COUGH!" The engine ran for a short period of time, then died! He gritted his teeth, and gave another pull! "Bbbbrrruuuu--- SNAP"!!!!! We all stood and looked at the recoil rope that had broken, 8" from the handle, and I started to laugh! "Murphy's Law", I said. One of the guys said; "I can't believe it! We haul a Quad 50 miles into the bush, just to have to fix it"! In the meantime, cabin owner Nick Arseniuk had arrived in his 1956 Cessna 180, and offloaded a couple more guys to help push the Quad up the hill! We all had another good laugh, and they had tools to fix the recoil!

"Start pushing guys, this thing is a dud!" Posted by Picasa

"Heave!" Posted by Picasa

Just about up the hill, the guys are laughing! (and pushing) Posted by Picasa

HYB totally unloaded! Hey, these guys are prepared! Notice the "ironing board" hanging on the tree. You wouldn't want to get caught in the bush with an "unpressed shirt"! Posted by Picasa

HYB empty, and soon will leave! Posted by Picasa

I bid the boys "adieu", taxied out, still dragging my water rudders, and took off. I circled the lake, and took a photo. If you blow it full-screen and look closely, you can see where I stirred up the mud when I taxied out, turned around (the circle), and took off on the reciprocal heading of the direction I had taxied! Posted by Picasa

Anyways, I fired off for Silver Falls, but before I left I checked on the 2 big moose we had seen. I saw their tracks, and they had both crossed the lake and disappeared. Oh well, our moose hunt in Manitoba starts Sept. 19, so stay tuned for stories and photos!

As I flew back to Silver Falls, I noticed some large "cut-overs". Good, a sign of commerce and employment. Trees are a resource, and people have to eat. Posted by Picasa

"Yup", just another drizzly, misty day in September, in Manitoba! What did you do today? Posted by Picasa

"Adios, Amigos........!"

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