Tuesday, September 13, 2005


CF-IOF Gets A "Physical".............

Every pilot has to get a physical to maintain his pilot privileges, and the frequency of physicals depends on type of license and age. Well, an aircraft has to have a "physical" every once in awhile, also. Last night Ernie Nicholl, owner of Huron Air and Outfitters, arrived in Silver Falls with prototype Walter Turbine Otter CF-IOF. IOF was to have a physical, starting this morning, and the "doctors" went at her right away! CF-IOF is a 1953 Otter, S/N 24!

The "boys" get to work on IOF, checking her "nose, throat, and eyes"........ Posted by Picasa

"Dr. Remy" at work......... Posted by Picasa

IOF seen from the top of HYB.......... Posted by Picasa

HYB and IOF, look at the rivets on top of an Otter wing.... Skookum!..... Posted by Picasa

When you are a pilot over 40 years of age, or there about, there is one procedure the Doctor performs that you dread, and bury your face, and hold your breath during. Well, the same with an airplane, you have to check her from the "tail end". IOF was born Aug. 31, 1953, so she is 52 years old!  Posted by Picasa

IOF's Birth Certificate. Posted by Picasa

Dr. Remy and Dr. Ken will "prod about" inside IOF's tail end to make sure nothing is amiss........... Posted by Picasa

The "nerve center" of CF-IOF, prototype Walter Turbine Otter, checks out! Posted by Picasa

IOF's interior seems healthy enough......... Posted by Picasa

Dr. Remy still at work......... Posted by Picasa

IOF's "extremities" are checked. Notice the curved "droop-tip", and the curved "leading-edge cuff" of the Baron STOL Kit, an outstanding Otter modification..........  Posted by Picasa

Yes, IOF is in good shape for a 52 year old woman, who has been fondled by many men! (Love the full-span double-slotted flaps deHavilland used on the Otter, and other later aircraft!) Posted by Picasa

So, there you have it folks, aircraft need "physicals", just like pilots. Tomorrow, Ernie and IOF will head for Armstrong, Ontario, IOF with a fresh "physical" to do another 100 hrs. of flying, and Ernie with a head-ache. (Just kidding folks, grapefruit juice is the beverage of choice when Ernie shows up, and we consume it as we nibble our carrot-sticks! Do ya' think?)

Till next time,

"Beannachd leat"..........Scottish Gaelic (Scotland)

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