Thursday, September 29, 2005


Back In The "Saddle", Doing What I Do Best.........

Last night I returned to Silver Falls, having completed the CRM Course I was enrolled in in Winnipeg. Winnipeg is OK, but it ain't the bush! So, this morning, I loaded up BTU and headed for Pauingassi with freight for the new school that has been built there, and on my return trip I was going to check on some of our moose hunters! I arrived in Pauingassi, loaded to the roof, and my buddy Randy was landing behind me in Otter CF-UKN also. He had the "Circuit Court" party on board, and out of professional courtesy, I let him unload his passengers first, as I only had freight, and there is only 1 usable dock in Pauingassi.

Randy and UKN at the dock in Pauingassi, and the tower the "sniffer" climbed in the background. Posted by Picasa

BTU after unloading in Pauingassi. Posted by Picasa

Then I headed for "Paleface Lake", to check on some hunters. I landed there to chat with the boys and see if they had killed a moose. They hadn't, but had heard 3 moose calling, but couldn't get them to come out of the bush. Still, they were having a great time and loved the lake. It was a new lake I had chosen to put hunters in this fall. Due to the water colour, murky, but not black, I thought it should be a good fishing lake. A good fishing lake is a bonus when you are hunting. Well, the boys said there were so many pickerel in the lake, they were having a blast. The pickerel averaged 15" to 16", and they had caught one northern pike over 40". Yes, definitely a good fishing lake. They had a nice "bush camp" set up, so I took some photos.

"Paleface Lake" camp! Posted by Picasa

Different angle. Posted by Picasa

This is where the boys sit and eat, drink, and tell lies. Posted by Picasa

I love smoke from a bush fire. Posted by Picasa

Then, I bid the boys adieu, as I was going to check some hunters on the Bloodvein River. The wind was starting to pick up! I found the stretch of river, and dropped BTU in, and taxied in to the moose camp!

BTU tied up on the Bloodvein River! Posted by Picasa

Aye-yi-yi, these boys have done well! They had harvested 2 moose, and had a nice structure for hanging their meat! Posted by Picasa

Different angle view! Posted by Picasa

BTU and her soon-to-be load! Posted by Picasa

The bottom rack is the nicest one I have seen yet this year, measuring 57 3/8". Posted by Picasa

Rack and meat, loaded and secured, in BTU! Posted by Picasa

I left the guys on the Bloodvein, as they will hunt for a few more days. I took off and headed for Silver Falls, as we would hang the moose meat for the hunters until they came out off the river.

Look at this, the "Blue Water Aviation Butcher Shop"! Just kidding, the moose meat, safe and sound, hanging in our walk-in cooler at Silver Falls! Posted by Picasa

Yup, that is "one helluva' rack"! Posted by Picasa

Beautiful! Posted by Picasa

Can you believe that a moose grew this on his head just since spring, as moose shed their antlers every year? Unbelievable, but that is part of what I did today, folks, what was the excitement today in your life? (Paper cuts don't count!) Posted by Picasa

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