Wednesday, September 14, 2005


1960 Otter HYB Has "Northern Soul".............

In the past we have hauled numerous canoers from our Base in Bissett, but this year the numbers were far fewer, I believe due to the cold weather in early summer, the situation in the Middle East, and a few other factors. Anyways, today I took some canoers onto the Gammon River, and dropped them off at Wapeskapek Lake. There were 4 people in all, 3 customers being guided by Dave Pancoe from Northern Soul. Northern Soul runs canoeing adventures on many of the rivers in Manitoba. So, with my trusty digital camera in my pocket, I "froze" some images from my day to share!

Stalwart Otter HYB with 2- 17' Old Town canoes tied on! Posted by Picasa

We use a rope on the front float strut, one on the rear float strut, a rope used as a "cinch" between the 2 aforementioned, and there is also a rope tied to the rear of the canoe that isn't visible, to keep it from sliding backward. Posted by Picasa

A different angle of view! Posted by Picasa

Airborne, and the canoes sit "rock-solid"! Posted by Picasa

Splashdown at Wapeskapek Lake, safe and sound! Posted by Picasa

I backed HYB onto a sand beach to unload. Posted by Picasa

A view of the beach. This is very fine, beautiful sand. Posted by Picasa

The right-side canoe made it all the way! Posted by Picasa

The aircraft is unloaded, and the gear and canoes are pulled ashore! Posted by Picasa

This spot on Wapeskapek Lake is absolutely beautiful, and one of the best camping spots I know of. Posted by Picasa

I bid Dave good-bye, and headed back to Bissett, as I had to haul 2 loads of plywood to Aikens Lake, which I accomplished. While at Bissett, we had a visitor, who was very curious to see HYB.

A red fox! Posted by Picasa

A "skinny" red fox, at that! Posted by Picasa

Then, he just "up and left", and was gone, so we named him "Lefty"........... Posted by Picasa

And how was your day? Till next time.........

"Sizobonana".......Zulu (S Africa, Lesotho)

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