Saturday, August 06, 2005


Steve's Video Of The Day: R/C B-52 Test-Flight!

I tell you, this would just about be as much fun as flying the real thing! (Well, not quite, but still would be a "hoot!", and yes, they are "jet engines"!)

VIDEO - R/C B-52 Test-Flight!

Photo of the 8 tiny jet engines used in the R/C B-52! Amazing! Posted by Picasa

R/C B-52 Specs:

Builder: Gordon Nichols

Contributing Team Members:

Lance Bell (Co-constuctor, plans)
Neil Dare (Undercarriage systems design and build)
Dave Biddington (Engine pod design and moulding)
Bob Everitt (Tail cone and rear armament construction)

Wingspan: 23'

Length: 23'

Speed: ?

Range: ?

Dry Weight: 297 lbs

Fueled Weight: 330lbs (inside the CAA 150kg limit)

Fuel Capacity: 22 litres Jet A1

Kit Manufacturer: N/A

Kit Availability: N/A

Servo/Usage List: N/A

Engine Specs:

Make: Wren

Model: MW54

Thrust: 12Lbs

Sponsor List:

Inwood Models (Balsa, wheels, etc)
SM Services (Electronics and avionic controls)
Jersey Modeler Fuel Can Systems

Radio: Futaba PCM

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