Friday, August 05, 2005


Steve's Video Of The Day: Lockheed Super Constellation "Camarillo Connie"

The "Super Connie" is an aviation classic! What a beautiful shape, curved "dolphin" fuselage, and triple tail. She was powered by 4 Wright 3350 "Cyclone" engines. The R-3350 is a twin row, turbo-compound, air-cooled, radial engine with 18 cylinders and a displacement of 3,350 cubic inches, producing 3400 HP! "Snarpin' arsholes"! She had her troubles, like any temperamental female. All in all, she served the military well, and earned her place in civil aviation as a Trans-Atlantic airliner. When I watch the video and see the oil gush from the exhaust, and hear the music from her cylinders as she starts, my "short-arm" stands at attention!!

VIDEO - Lockheed Super Constellation "Camarillo Connie"

(Good Web-Site; Lockheed Super Constellation Survivors!)

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