Tuesday, August 30, 2005


New Orleans Under Attack...............

No, not by hurricane Katrina anymore, although the flood-waters continue to rise, but by filthy coward "looters". My solution! Shoot them! A serious mistake was made in Iraq when Paul Bremer disbanded the standing Iraqi Army, and the Marines stood by while "scum" looted every government building, hospital, armoury, and museum in Iraq. Now we pay for it. Looting is now close home, on top of the humanitarian crisis. In critical times like these, I feel any citizen or visitor should realize that a "bullet" should be their reward for their actions if they are looters! There has to be a public display that there is "Law and Order"! "Filthy Scum"!!! (Don't be a bleeding-heart, a looter in times of National distress is a "filthy criminal"!)

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