Tuesday, August 23, 2005


More Info On The Sonoma County Rescue Helicopter Unit And "Henry 1"......

I have posted twice before about the Sonoma County Rescue Helicopter Unit and "Henry 1", their Bell 407 helicopter. The posts were called Steve's Video Of The Day: Sonoma County Sherriff's Office Night "Long Line" Rescue!, and Steve's Video Of The Day: "Surf" Rescue!. Sunday I received an e-mail from Eric Lian, who developed and maintains the Henry 1 web-site, and provides the images and video clips. Here is what Eric had to say............

To: otterflogger@yahoo.com
Subject: Saw your blogsite
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 15:56:28 -0700

Hello, Steve.

My name is Eric Lian. I developed and maintain the Sonoma County Sheriff Rescue Helicopter site and I just happened to see that you referenced the surf rescue video in your blog. I'm not employed by the sheriff's department, but I do often fly with them and provide the images and video clips when things occur. Not only are these guys great at what they do, they are also the most decent and fun loving people I have ever met - unlike the typical law enforcement stereotype.

Our senior pilot, Andrew MacRitchie (16,000 helicopter hours - civilian pilot) built a lot of hours in Alaska and Canada working for logging and power companies. The long lining skills he picked up there have made Henry 1 what it is today; the busiest rescue helicopter on the planet. There aren't many pilots who have the skill to fly with a human being and a patient on the end of a 100ft rescue line which might explain why Paul and Andrew are the only pilots we have.

I've attached a few photos showing typical Sonoma County terrain - not all rolling hills and vineyards - and why this helicopter is so important.

Thanks for the mention and I hope you come back soon,



Eric Lian
Lian Digital Media
Studio: 707.824.6991

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Thanks for the photos and info, Eric. The pictures are breath-taking, and the quality of the videos is second to none. Glad to hear that the employees of the Sonoma County Rescue Helicopter Unit are "real", dedicated people, determined to help those in need. I definitely will continue to visit the Henry 1 web-site, and hope others will also! Here are the links for Eric and "Henry 1"!

Lian Digital Media

"Henry 1"!

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