Wednesday, August 31, 2005


"Locked Out" At South Eagle Lake.........

This morning I flew Al Harley (formerly from Riverton), Paul Roberts, and 2 buddies into South Eagle Lake, as they were going fishing until Friday. South Eagle has an abundance of walleye, and a basic cabin. The weather was supposed to turn "shitty" by about noon, so we weren't in a hurry, but we weren't having a "crib tournament" before we left, either.

After a half hour, we were on the water at South Eagle, spotting a moose on the landing approach! As we unloaded, I noticed "the boys" had beer, but I queried whether they had enough. They said they did, but when I said "you know, when in the bush, beer tastes twice as good, goes down twice as fast, and lasts half as long", they looked at me, then each other, and didn't say much. Maybe they were doing "mental math". We shall see Friday, when I pick them up! If they are out of beer, I will tell them "Rookie Mistake!"

Al Harley carries his cooler of beer to the cabin at South Eagle.......... Posted by Picasa

The interior of the cabin at South Eagle. Spartan, yet functional. You don't need all the comforts of home. You have lots of good water in the lake, an LP range, LP fridge and freezer, and a good old woodstove. That is all you need. Posted by Picasa

For the bedrooms? 2x4 constructed bunk-beds with 4" foamy mattresses, and bring along a sleeping bag. Posted by Picasa

I did a quick check of the cabin, and everything was fine, the boys had lots of mixed gas and propane, and the fridge and freezer were working fine. I figured I would take a photo of the "vista" off the point at South Eagle Lake.

Look at the absolute amazing colour of the water! Posted by Picasa

HYB peeks from around the corner........... Posted by Picasa

My horse awaits.............. Posted by Picasa

1000 "screamin' Clydesdales"............... Posted by Picasa

As I was leaving South Eagle and "the guys", I noticed them all "huddled" around the screen door entrance to the cabin. Apparently, it had accidentally locked, with everybody outside. Typical start to a fishing trip! Time to have a beer and contemplate how to get back in! I chuckled and bid "the boys" adieu!

The "cat burglars" attempt to gain entry to the cabin at South Eagle! Posted by Picasa

As I sign off, a question for Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin. What are we as Canadians doing to help our best friends south of the border? Our military should be mobilized to help them, and all our aviation and rescue assets should be co-ordinated so as to be at their disposal. This is a crisis of major, unheard of proportions! Or, are you side-tracked trying to install an FLQ sympathizer as Governor-General? .........Just wondering........

Check this out, and do some research......

"Governor General Elect's Connections to FLQ Marxist Terrorists"

It isn't funny anymore.....

Steve Taylor

(I am not sour on law-abiding immigrants, but isn't there a Canadian-born person with a long family work history in our great country that would be better suited for Governor General, instead of "another" CBC employee? For "shit's sake, come on".....................

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