Friday, August 19, 2005


"Happenings" Over The Last Few Days...........

The air was cool and clean. The old Pezetel purred as the oil temperature hit 50*C. I opened the throttle until I showed 1900 RPM, checked the magnetos, cycled the propeller, checked the carburetor heat, and continued with the throttle forward until I hit 41" of manifold pressure. With the supercharger "throbbing", 1960 Otter C-GHYB leapt into the sky fully-loaded! I throttled back to climb power, and pointed the "old girl" north! I was heading for Dogskin Lake!

Heading north for Dogskin, I beat the sun into the sky again. The old sun gets up later and later at this time of the year! Posted by Picasa

Heading for Dogskin! 29 nautical miles to go, 102 knots groundspeed, bearing 20*, tracking 17*, be there in 16 minutes!!! Navigation made easy! The only problem with Global Positioning System units is that new green pilots are totally reliant on GPS for navigation, and don't properly learn dead-reckoning navigation. In the bush, there is no replacement for a map.  Posted by Picasa

A typical Otter load, heading for a "fish camp"! Posted by Picasa

Yes, it was the start of another "typical" day in the bush. The last few days we have been "turning" numerous fishing camps, and it seems to be the same everywhere, the fishing is still "outstanding". High water, along with High Quality Management techniques, and better attitudes from the anglers, has helped maintain the high quality of fishing that we enjoy in central and northern Manitoba. Do you remember the attitude "keep the big ones, and throw the little ones back so they can grow"? Well, that attitude was 180* off, and today, "little ones" make shore-lunch, and the "big ones" are returned to the lake to pass on their genetics. Anyways, just off the top of my head, I know that in the last few days, at Mannifrank Lake three 28" Walleyes were caught, and numerous, numerous, 25" Walleyes. These fish were caught by a family who had never fished the lake before, and didn't have a fishing map of the "hot-spots". Pretty good production! There was also a 45" Northern Pike caught at Bradburn Lake, where the river flows out towards Fishing Lake. This area of the Bradburn River is full of Yellow Perch, and I'm sure the big "alligator" was feeding. There was also a 48" Northern Pike caught at Red Willow Lake. Yesterday I flew into Palsen Lake to pick up Steve Brinkman and his crew of fishermen, and one of them had caught a 31" Walleye! A 31" Walleye is a fantastic specimen, and the fish was returned to the lake. I loaded Steve and his gang into the Otter, waved good-bye to the 5 fishermen I had just dropped off, made some ripples on the lake, made a lot of noise, and I was airborne for Bissett, arriving one hour later!

One thing I have noticed about fishermen every year, especially ones from south of the 49th Parallel, is that every year their gear gets larger. The coolers could fit a human body, the rod cases now have wheels on them, and the tackle boxes are actually "fold-out boats". This always leads to some "good-natured ribbing" on the docks.

You have seen it here first, folks! The new issue, "Texas Tackle-Box"! Yes, it will fit all your tackle, your car, and motor-home, and just about anything else you own, so you can enjoy the lifestyle you have at home while in the bush! Posted by Picasa

A "real man's" tackle box! Posted by Picasa

Yes, folks, you need an Otter "just for the new Texas Tackle-Box"! Posted by Picasa

All kidding aside, folks, the fishermen told me they had tools in that box, but the gear continues to grow in size every year! (It sure looks like a tackle box!) The boats are also getting larger at some of the camps, and are becoming much more difficult to transport. The outboards also continue to grow in size and horsepower, and with the popularity of 4-strokes nowadays, they are becoming real "back-breakers"! Again, the increase in size of everything is a source of humour, and no one ever forgets what this industry means to Manitoba's economy, especially because we are employed by it!

A 60 HP Mercury 4-stroke weighing 248 lbs.!! Posted by Picasa

The other evening, after the day's flying was complete, I also noticed a new resident in the yard at Silver Falls. I grabbed my camera, and thought I would get a little closer!

"She" is a trim-looking specimen! Posted by Picasa

Nice "front-end" and "fixed-pitch" prop.......... Posted by Picasa

I cozied up to her for a look inside.........Nice clean, basic, and "spartan" interior, just the way I like them. This aircraft would be a great private run-about.  Posted by Picasa

Fine profile on this aircraft. It is a 1947 Cessna 140! Posted by Picasa

Last night, my son Shane and I drove into Pine Falls, as there is another "relic" with an abundance of history sitting in front of the Pulp Mill.

An old "steam locomotive", Engine # 30! Posted by Picasa

I love the "noise" from radial engines, and I can just imagine the "noise" this old "steamer" used to make............. Posted by Picasa

"Casey Jones, climbin' in the cabin...... Casey Jones, with his orders in his hands..... Casey Jones, leanin' out the window........... And he took his farewell trip to the Promised Land!"  Posted by Picasa

"Boiler" made in Canada! Posted by Picasa

Another placard. Posted by Picasa

Last steam locomotive operated in Western Canada! Posted by Picasa

Old Engine # 30, enjoying her retirement, although the elements are beginning to take their toll............ Posted by Picasa

I love "old planes", but I love "old trains" also!

One last thing, the 6th race of the Red Bull Air Race World Series 2005 happens tomorrow, Aug. 20, from Budapest, Hungary. Peter Besenyei is in 1st place in the Rankings, with Mike Mangold a close 2nd. Check the race out, this is great aviation entertainment, and these men are skilled!

Web-site - Red Bull Air Race World Series

Till next time,

"Bonne journee................."

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