Wednesday, August 24, 2005


"Fall" Is In The Air.........

As the days get shorter, and we head towards our inevitable "Winter", we have one more season to pass through, and that is "Fall"! I personally enjoy the "Fall", as due to the cooler temperatures, pilots and airplanes operate much more efficiently, and I enjoy the flying done during the "moose hunt". I know it is only August, but the indications of Fall are starting to appear!

Due to the cooler mornings, we are experiencing more ground fog more frequently in the early AM. HYB waits for the sun to "burn off" the fog. (Gotta' love that prop!)  Posted by Picasa

BTU also awaits the sun. Posted by Picasa

While waiting for the last vestiges of fog to lift, I went for a little drive to the community of St.George. There, I saw the one "unmistakable" sign of fall!

CANADA GEESE! Posted by Picasa

Finally, I get impatient, and taxi out!

 Posted by Picasa

Heading north, my camera "stops" the prop..... Posted by Picasa

Another sign of Fall? Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge, stocking up on fuel! Posted by Picasa

The docks above water at Aikens is another sign of Fall, and the water continues to drop! Posted by Picasa

"Spanky" unloading the Otter, trying to avoid damaging his "fresh manicure"......... Posted by Picasa

Life on the dock............. Posted by Picasa

Another sign of Fall? Doug wearing a long-sleeved sweatshirt while flying "amphib" Walter Turbine Otter VQD! Posted by Picasa

Yes, the seasons are changing. There are colours starting to appear in the bush, and the swamps are slowly starting to turn brown. "Fall" is in the air, folks, I can smell it...............

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