Monday, August 29, 2005


Does Anybody Ever Help "The Americans"........?

I have been away for the weekend as my son was at a Midget "AAA" Bantam Prospect weekend hockey camp. We had a lot of fun, and I will be making some posts in the next few days. Anyways, I finished working tonight about 6:30 PM, and now I watch CNN. The Americans are always the first people slandered, spat at, ridiculed, attacked, but when there is a humanitarian crisis, they are the first Nation everyone turns to for help. Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida, and other areas are now experiencing a serious crisis caused by Hurricane Katrina. Some areas have experienced total devastation, massive flooding, people are dead or missing, the power is out, and people without insurance have lost everything. The insurance costs have been pegged at between $9B and $26B, and economic costs have historically been double. I realize in a 3rd world nation the infrastructure damage, and therefore death, is usually much more due to the inferior quality of the infrastructure, but facts be known, there is a crisis in the Southern States due to Katrina. I was just wondering, you can always count on the U.S., but does anyone ever help them.......? Just wondering.

(Somehow I figure when the U.S. could use some aid, there aren't too many Nations, including Canada, clamouring to help out. Too bad. I guess they will do what they usually do, mobilize and help themselves!)

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