Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Alberta To Manitoba, Via Westjet...."The Return Of Shane!"

Saturday I headed to the city to pick up my only boy, as he was returning from Penhold, Alberta. He had been accepted and enrolled in Basic Training with the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. What a great program, demanding self-reliance and responsibility from the participants, and rewarding them when they excel. 13 year old kids traveling on commercial airliners in groups in full Cadet dress. Like I say, a great program. Shane is with 182 G.M. Stefnufastur Squadron based in Gimli, and commanded by Captain Marie Pemkowski. On the way to pick him up, I drove through Gimli, as it is one "boom" town in the summer!

Gimli Harbour full of sailboats. Posted by Picasa

The "whitefish boat" fleet rests in Gimli Harbour. Posted by Picasa

The "cabin cruisers" rest in Gimli Harbour. Posted by Picasa

The "Munch" was with me, and she always has to be in a picture, so here she is. Posted by Picasa

"Muncher" in front of the Canadian Coast Guard rigid-bottom "Zodiac". Nice-looking machine! Posted by Picasa

A T-33 jet connects Gimli to the past and the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, and the war years......... Posted by Picasa

We made Winnipeg, and as we arrived at the airport, we saw a 3-wheeled "Hawg"!

A Harley-Davidson trike, perfect for cruising! Posted by Picasa

We entered the airport, and it didn't take long to find Shane. We just looked for the "swooning" girls!

Shane arrives! Posted by Picasa

The "Ham", I mean the "Munch", poses with Shane... Posted by Picasa

Leading Air Cadet Taylor back in Manitoba, after completing and passing Basic Training! Posted by Picasa

Good to have Shane back, and glad to see the Shuttle Discovery astronauts made it back safe also.

NASA - Discovery Comes Home!

By the way, Mike Mangold beat Peter Besenyei and everyone else in the Red Bull Air Race Aug. 7, from Longleat, U.K.. It was a great show! Next race is Aug. 20, from Budapest, Hungary!

Red Bull Air Race World Series

Till next time,

"K'an ben sini"........

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