Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Today I Meet A "New" Friend

Late yesterday afternoon I heard there was a "new" girl coming to town. "Huh", I thought, "tomorrow I will have to check her out"!

5 AM this morning, I looked out the window of the Float Base after arriving. There, in the dim light and rain, she stood. "New" girl in town C-FYLZ. I thought I would get closer and use some of my "charm".

"Hi, honey, you come here often?" I said. She ignored me. My luck! Fine-looking Standard Otter, though, although it has the Baron STOL Kit and 7170 stretched floats. Pretty smooth fuselage. Posted by Picasa

"Classic" front end! Posted by Picasa

Dawn on the horizon. Posted by Picasa

Tethered. Posted by Picasa

Apparently this aircraft has a new owner, and it was flown to Silver Falls from Nueltin Lake, in Northern Manitoba. The new owner wants it converted to a Walter Turbine once float season is wrapped up. "Hey, no problem!" The boys in the hangar can handle it! This Otter was born in 1958, and is Serial # 247!

C-FYLZ has her wheel-gear along, for moving about the hangar yard. Posted by Picasa

And one last YLZ photo! Her "nerve center". Typical instrument panel and control layout on a Standard Otter! Posted by Picasa

I was flying the "Turbine" today, C-GBTU. It was a typical day, except for one item. The "return" of our docks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SHHEE-ITT!! Our docks return from the deep! It might not seem like a big deal to you, but it is to us! Hopefully, no more rubber boots and wet feet!! Posted by Picasa

The water is dropping, things are looking up! Posted by Picasa

Till next time,

"Hasta la vista"...............

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