Thursday, July 21, 2005


NEWS FLASH!! Dave Shrinks His "Berries"!!

A beautiful day today, folks, light winds, and beautiful skies. This morning I went to Dogskin Lake Lodge, hauling in fuel, and returning to Silver Falls with 8 passengers. Then, just before noon, I was off to Pauingassi with a load of groceries for DoJo Store, so they could feed the masses. An uneventful flight north, and on the way, I checked out some new moose-hunting lakes we plan on using for Resident Hunters this fall. I landed Pauingassi, and unloaded.

Unloaded in Pauingassi! Posted by Picasa

Beautiful, innocent kids. I wish I could take them all away from here, as I know the despair and hardship some of them will face as they get older. Pauingassi has an extremely serious "substance abuse" problem, and the RCMP were in the community, as the "bootlegger" was conducting a furious business last night. One thing I must comment on though, these kids sure learn to swim at an early age, they are just like "fish"! Posted by Picasa

After unloading, I was to take a Contractor and his gear back to Silver Falls, as he had been doing construction in the community. As we were loading, I heard a "SPLASH", then a "Holy Shit". I looked out of the airplane to see Dave and Albert peering under my Otter. "What was that?" I asked. "A $600 air-nailer", Albert said. It had slipped from Dave's hands. So what does a red-blooded, red-necked Canadian male do when he drops an air-nailer into a lake under a Canadian-made deHavilland Otter? Give up? He peels of his "gear", hops in the lake, and dives for it, making sure to leave his "Fruit Of The Looms" on, as the Northern Pike are still hungry, and any "wiggling" might provoke an attack. Wouldn't want the poor guy to lose his future family! Dave went diving!

Dave starts to peel! Posted by Picasa

"Damn, I know the water is going to be cold", Dave states! Posted by Picasa

Dave hangs on the Otter as his "little boys" recede! Posted by Picasa

Just about acclimatized, Dave prepares to go under! Posted by Picasa

"Here I go!" and down he went! Posted by Picasa

Success! Dave hands Albert the retrieved air-nailer, and scrambles from the water! Posted by Picasa

Dave found the air-nailer. I was impressed. Albert offered to dive for it, because Dave was leaving, but Dave said "I dropped it, I'll get it back!" Anyways, we took-off from Pauingassi. End of story? No way! I figured if Dave was that good of a "diver", he must be able to fly an Otter! So I let him fly back!

Dave at the controls! Posted by Picasa

Way to go Dave, a real good guy!

"Push b'shena"!

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