Tuesday, July 26, 2005


"Flawless" Shuttle Launch...........

TRIVIA TIME! Do you know what shuttle first returned to the skies with the weight of the future of America's Space Program riding it's robust structure after the Challenger disaster? Give up? Shuttle Discovery! And which vehicle is first returning to space after the Columbia disaster? Bingo!, Shuttle Discovery. Shuttle Columbia was my favourite Shuttle, as it was the prototype, and the heaviest-lift Shuttle, but Discovery is certainly filling in well after Columbia's loss. Commander Eileen Collins and her crew have made it to space, after a near flawless lift-off!

NASA - Return To Flight

Kenny and the boys in the hangar were busy today with an inspection on Adventure Air's Beaver, C-FXPC. XPC has the AOG Air MK 2000 Kit installed, and the boys worked furiously on her.

XPC sits in the hangar, as she is inspected by the Mechanics. Posted by Picasa

Kenny, Head Engineer, "dressing" the prop. Posted by Picasa

Fine-looking machine............ Posted by Picasa

Fine shot of her Pratt and Whitney R-985 "Wasp" Junior engine of 450 HP. Posted by Picasa

TRIVIA TIME! What is this? No, it isn't a hive for leaf-cutter bees, you crazy farmers! It is the Beaver oil-cooler! Posted by Picasa

XPC is on Edo 4930 "Turbo" Beaver floats, and for my money, these are the floats all Beavers should be on. I have lots of time on these floats, and the smaller 4580 floats, and for safety, the 4930s make the grade! Posted by Picasa

Then, I thought I would go see how the progress was on the 2nd Otter wing the boys are overhauling.

The boys are well into her........... Posted by Picasa

View from the outboard side, notice the corrugated-channeling stiffening the Otter wing! Posted by Picasa

Then, I wandered back to my trailer, as I had "trail dust" in my throat, I was very thirsty, and I kept hearing Jimmy Buffett and Alan Jackson singing "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere....."........ I cracked a "road rocket", and man, it tasted good! Till next time,


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