Tuesday, July 19, 2005


"Filthy Cowards" Spawn "Filthy Cowards"..........

Like father, like son....but Dad is even more of a coward, he is still alive!

ARTICLE - Atta's Father Praises London Bombs

What went wrong with these people? Is life so desperate, and is the hate genetic, because it has simmered so long? I think so. The father was a lawyer, well-off, and still full of hate. He is proud of his son, who was a "piece of shit", and hopes others will follow his lead. Cowards, cowards, cowards, and anybody that tries to tell me extreme Islamism, or "Islamofascism", isn't a failed, depraved, ideology, well, you know it is. The Middle East, the "cradle of civilization", still killing each other over petty arguments over sand and worship places. Good grief, they all come from the same parents originally.

Hey, "Daddy Atta", were you proud of your son when he first walked? Did you "glow" as his hair grew? Did he have a pet growing up? Did you help him with his homework, or did you feed him full of hate? Did you hug him when he skinned his knee? Did you change the tube on his bike when he got a flat? Were you his good friend, but also his "guiding" father? Did you instill in him values, morals, character, and instill in him that the greatest gift God gave humankind was love?

No, obviously, not.

"Failed" cowardly father, "dead" cowardly son.

And the "savage circle" continues. It is very important to rescue the youth of the Middle East at this point in history. Just under 50% of the population of Iraq is under 18 years of age! Unbelievable! Build schools, show the kids they are "worthwhile", and educate them! They want to play soccer, not be "suicide bombers"!

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