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Destination: The "Walter Plant", Prague, Czech Republic

You have seen pictures of, and read posts about, Walter Turbine Otter C-GBTU, such as; Steve Flies "Walter Turbine Otter C-GBTU"!!, and Steve And "Walter Turbine Otter" C-GBTU Fly The "Boy Scouts Of America"!! Let's go back a number of years and see how this all started, and get an update on what is happening now...........

Sept. 19, 1999. This was the day I first laid eyes on her. She was shapely, and she posed for me. Soon I was able to touch and caress her. She responded to my touching, and purred like a kitten. That first day, I was intimate with her for 2.1 hrs., and is a memory I will have forever. Then, just like that, within about a week, she was gone again!

A woman, right? Give your head a shake! I meant prototype Walter Turbine Otter C-FIOF!

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A number of years ago, Bob Jackson decided to install a new turbine on one of his Otters. The Walter 601 of 750 HP was chosen, and C-FIOF was chosen to be converted.

The initial conversion was done in the southern U.S., and because it was a Canadian-registered aircraft, being converted in the U.S., to a Czech engine, well, you can imagine the paperwork and delays. Anyways, it was finally certified, and 6 Otters have been converted in total. The Walter M601E-11 was originally designed to match Russian conditions of heavy climate and lack of qualified engineers in site. This is why the engine is specific by its install-and-go philosophy. This means there are no "hot section" inspections, as with other products.

Ed Gaffray, who along with his brother Stephen, owns Blue Water Aviation Services Ltd, and sister maintenance company Winnipeg River Aircraft, has been involved to a degree in the Walter conversion since 1999. He has done research, been a liaison, test-flown, and has made his maintenance facility and float-plane base available during the test-flying. Earlier this spring, Ed and others were invited to the Walter plant in the Czech Republic for an information and orientation session, from May 18-25, 2005.


Prague! A city rich in architecture and history, and also the city where "Nazi vermin" Reinhard Heydrich, author of "The Final Solution", received his rightful reward at the hands of the Czech Partisans, in the form of a "bullet". Anyways, Ed was in Prague from May 18-25, and here are some of the sights he witnessed.

The front gate to the Walter Plant in Prague. Posted by Picasa

Beautiful entranceway to the Walter Plant. Posted by Picasa

The Walter meeting room. Posted by Picasa

Beautiful architecture. 12' high inside doors. Posted by Picasa

Touring down the Volga River. Posted by Picasa

Beautiful construction. Posted by Picasa

The "beer and stories" singing session is in full-swing! Posted by Picasa


Of course, the whole trip was about turbine engines, so let's have a look inside the plant!

Walter 601 cut-away. Posted by Picasa

Walter 601 cut-away. Posted by Picasa

Full-size Walter 601 cut-away. Posted by Picasa

What a beautiful photo. This is a cut-away of a Walter 602 B engine used in trainers. (remember these photos can be viewed full-screen. Left-click on photo, then left-click expand button) Posted by Picasa

Walter 701 cut-away. Posted by Picasa

Walter 701 cut-away. Posted by Picasa

A view of the Walter engine museum. Lots of history. Posted by Picasa

Walter museum. Posted by Picasa

View of the factory, employing roughly 500 people. Posted by Picasa

Crating the engines. Posted by Picasa

Walter engines to be shipped. Posted by Picasa

Many engines............... Posted by Picasa

This is the Walter "forging plant", fully automated. Walter also makes parts for "Rolls-Royce". Posted by Picasa

So you see, Blue Water Aviation Services and Winnipeg River Aircraft have a history of involvement with the Walter Turbine Otter Conversion Program. Winnipeg River Aircraft is now a certified Walter Turbine Service Center. As members of the Aircraft Conversion and Upgrade Alliance, they can provide installation, service and parts for the M601E-11 engine. Anyways, below are some links, including a photo-log of C-GBTU's conversion from Polack Otter to Walter Turbine Otter.

Walter M601 Turbo-Prop Engine

Blue Water Aviation Services Ltd.

Winnipeg River Aircraft

See the chronology of C-GBTU's conversion in photos! Here is -


Till next time, "Adios"!!!..........

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