Tuesday, July 26, 2005


C-GBTU Straps On Her Skis And Does A Water Survey!

I have detailed C-GBTU's conversion from Polish Otter to Walter Turbine Otter, and here it is again.

Walter Turbine Conversion.

Anyhoo', after the conversion, Blue Water Aviation was awarded a contract to do a water survey for the Federal Government this past April, between Thompson and Churchill. Manitoba Hydro has hydro-electric dams in the northern reaches of the Province on the major river systems, and surveys are done regularly to check the volumes of water on hand. The survey was done in early April, when the winter temperatures were moderating, and the ice was still thick enough to safely operate on skis. So, what better time to think of cool temperatures and ice than right now, July, when the daytime highs are hitting 30*C? Ed Gaffray was the pilot, and these are his photos!

BTU on South Indian Lake. Posted by Picasa

The boys at work doing "water survey".......... Posted by Picasa

A typical Otter load! Everything including the "kitchen sink"! Posted by Picasa

BTU in some slush. Posted by Picasa

Rubber-boot time! Posted by Picasa

Missi Falls, a Manitoba Hydro Control Structure on the Churchill River. Time to put a "few shrimps on the barby". Posted by Picasa

Missi Falls Control Structure. Posted by Picasa

Crewhouse at Missi Falls, with Satellite TV! Posted by Picasa

Maybe my eyesight is going, but if I didn't know better, I would say there were many "dead soldiers" on top of those cupboards................. Posted by Picasa

Missi Falls. Posted by Picasa

Missi Falls. Posted by Picasa

Missi Falls. Posted by Picasa

Open water. Posted by Picasa

The survey camp on the "Seal River".......... Posted by Picasa

Churchill Airport! Posted by Picasa

Unloading. Posted by Picasa

A realistic display of a Polar Bear and her cubs in the den. This display is from the Manitoba Conservation Museum in Churchill. Posted by Picasa

Caribou display from the Museum. Posted by Picasa

Arctic Foxes! Posted by Picasa

Polar Bear awakened, from the Museum! Posted by Picasa

Back to work, on the Churchill River. The ice was still 6' thick at this spot. Posted by Picasa

Beautiful photo of BTU on the Churchill River. Notice the height of the "stunted" trees. Posted by Picasa

A private camp on the Churchill River that actually had Sat. T.V. and a microwave. Real hardship! Posted by Picasa

Frozen lakes and tundra, north of Gillam, Manitoba. Posted by Picasa

A geophysical survey aircraft doing work out of Gillam. Posted by Picasa

BTU on the strip at Gillam. Posted by Picasa

Aviators doing what aviators do best once the day's flying is complete. Posted by Picasa

Airborne! Posted by Picasa

Manitoba Hydro's Limestone Generating Station, on the Nelson River. Posted by Picasa

An abandoned open-pit mine south of Thompson. Posted by Picasa

Different view of the same mine. Posted by Picasa

Running "like a top"! Posted by Picasa

Ed heading home to Silver Falls, and then finally, Norway House, and the north end of Lake Winnipeg! Familiar territory, and mission just about completed!  Posted by Picasa

So you see folks, an Otter is just as at home on skis landing on a river, or wheels, landing on a gravel airstrip, as it is flying on floats. Manitoba is a huge undeveloped Province, and there are many sights to be seen, and there are miles, and miles, and miles of pristine wilderness, loads of wildlife, and great fishing. Take to the air yourself one day, and 'Discover Manitoba'!

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