Thursday, July 07, 2005


"Blue Water" Isn't The Only Company With "Water Woes"......

I headed for Winnipeg this AM, from Silver Falls, as I was taking my son to purchase new skates for hockey school, and then take him home. I damaged my right foot the other day, but continued to fly, and damaged the soft tissue. Today Ed was flying for me this morning, and tomorrow isn't busy, so I will let my foot heal. It is a "bitch" flying an Otter on floats with a "bum wheel".

Anyway, I thought I would drop by Selkirk Air and say "how the hell are ya'?" to the guys on the dock. Well, I stopped at the top of the hill, and "couldn't believe the water". The old Red River is just a'howlin'!!

Where does water like this come from in "July"? Posted by Picasa

Geez, a guy really could "taxi to the pumps"..... Posted by Picasa

My one and only boy, on the temporary ramp to the docks, in front of stalwart Polack Otter CDX....... Posted by Picasa

Ben, from Sabourin Lake Lodge, arrived in YER. With current in the river like there is now, docking "into" current is always necessary......... Posted by Picasa

While we were on the dock, we thought we would take a "snap" of this Stinson Voyager, with Shane on the float........ Posted by Picasa

A view from the floating docks, towards shore.....brutal amounts of water...!!! Posted by Picasa

Bruce, top-notch AME and long-time Selkirk Air and Riverside Aircraft Maintenance employee told me that the water had actually been about 2 feet higher, and was actually receding! Crap! Anyways, I thought I would take one more pic............

I thought I would get a shot of Selkirk Air's sign. The water is raging, but Selkirk Air continues to operate, serving it's customers. Bob and Gary Polinuk have operated successfully from this location for decades, so a little "extra" water won't slow them down, they just "deal" with it (although I'm sure Bob has had some "choice" words for the water situation). Anyhow, there sure is a lot of water this year, and like I stated in the title, it seems "Blue Water" isn't the only company with "water woes".........Adios!!! Posted by Picasa

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