Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Aikens Lake: UPDATE!

Aikens Lake is a pristine lake on the Gammon River system in Manitoba in Atikaki Provincial Park, and is a lake created by a meteor impact. It is also the location of Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge. Aikens Lake has trophy fishing, and Blue Water Aviation transports the staff, guests, and supplies for the lodge. I hadn't been to Aikens in awhile, so today I went, taking in staff and guests. During the flight in, I wondered how high the water would be.

"Holy Convention, Batman! Where is the dock?" "Careful, Robin, this looks like the diabolical mind of the Penguin at work!" Posted by Picasa

Sh-ee-itt! There is a major crib-dock under there somewhere! Posted by Picasa

HYB has been to more "underwater docks" this year than in her whole float career combined! The fuel barrels on the dock are all full of fuel, and are holding the wooden dock down, as the deck wants to float. If the water comes any higher, the fuel barrels will become less effective, as fuel floats, and they could actually float off.  Posted by Picasa

View from the shore, and I did "capture the memory"! Posted by Picasa

Aye, yi-yi! 2 feet underwater! Posted by Picasa

So, you see, Aikens has water problems, "just like everyone else". They do what any good Canadians would do, though. They just deal with it, as life goes on. The beer is still cold, the fish are biting, and at the end of the day, the "bullshit is flying". Makes me wish I was there. Anyways, here is their link again, and some links for big fish caught this year.

Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge

Aikens Lake Master Angler Walleye 2005

Aikens Lake Master Angler Northern Pike 2005

Aikens Lake Master Angler Lake Trout 2005

Aikens Lake Master Angler Perch 2005

Aikens Lake Master Angler Burbot 2005

Aikens Lake Master Angler Whitefish 2005

So you see, some nice fish have been caught this year. Before I go, one more link. This is the list of Master Angler fish caught since 1990, and there are many photos. 1,983 Masters, and they all went back in the lake!


"A la prochaine"!

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