Monday, June 27, 2005


Steve's Video Of The Day: "Hang-Gliding"!

Hang-gliding is one pursuit I have actually done. When I lived in Mackenzie, B.C., I bought a used hang-glider and "self-taught" (?) myself how to hang-glide. There were some small hills you could jump off and take a short flight to the bottom. Then I learned (self-taught) to hang-glide behind boats. Instead of taking off on skis, I would signal the boat to "hit it", and then I would run from shore towards the water until the boat accelerated and lifted me into the air. That was also a "rush", but impacting the water with the tow-line still attached always was an "exciting event", as my "home-made" glider-release mechanism didn't always work properly. Anyways, I survived it all, though I still have one 6" scar showing on my left bicep, which occurred when the boat accelerated too quickly, pulling me over, and dragging me across the gravel shoreline and into the water. My next attempt I became airborne, and the bleeding wasn't too bad. Now, let's watch the proper way to hang-glide, as opposed to mine, these guys are good!

Video 1 -Loop Hang-Gliding!

Video 2 -Dune-Skimming Hang-Gliding!

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