Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Steve's Video Of The Day: Columbia Tribute

I have had some info on NASA, space, and the Shuttle Disasters over the past couple of days. I don't mean to imply that NASA is a failure because of the disasters. NASA is far from a failure. NASA is by far one of the most successful "entities" this old earth has ever seen. From John Glenn, Gemini, Mercury, Apollo, Saturn V, Deke Slayton, Jim Lovell, "The Eagle Has Landed", Apollo 13, Spacelab, the International Space Station, many successful Shuttle flights, JFK's prediction, I could go on and on. There will always be error, as we are all human, and so are the NASA Administrators. Flying is "managed risk", and mistakes are made. We just need to be more prudent when making flight decisions. NASA has had, and always will have, some of the brightest minds on earth, dedicated to humanity and furthering our role in the Universe.

VIDEO -Columbia Tribute

(P.S. - Where else could you find a "collage" of "different-coloured", "different-gendered", "different-languaged", and "different-skilled" people on a Space Shuttle, in pursuit of improving humanity, perishing together, and being remembered and saluted for "all of history"? You, guessed it, the good old "U.S. of A., and "NASA"! I tip my hat! Too bad everyone on earth wasn't colour-blind.............)

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