Friday, June 17, 2005


Ernie And I Go "To War"..............

Ernie Nicholl, Huron Air And Outfitters owner showed up late last night, bringing 2 of our Engineers, Remy and Andy, back from his Base in Armstrong, Ontario. They had been there doing maintenance on his Beaver, C-FDPW, a machine that Ernie has owned for 19 years. Ernie and I decided to swap "lies", as he was going to "overnight", and consume some "liquid intellect", so we "dessicated" a bottle of Alberta Premium. Late in the evening, we were amazed at how good of a singer Charley Pride was, with the stereo at full volume!

Sleep happened, and early this AM we did breakfast! Then, it was back to work for 2 lifelong "Bush Rats"! Ernie also owns Trophy Fish Outposts, and after "chow", he took to the skies to return to conduct his business. Apparently, the fishing has been outstanding at his camps, with anglers landing huge trout and northerns.

Ernie's Beaver, DPW, about to be launched! Posted by Hello

Ernie, with DPW, and "The Cornbinder"........... Posted by Hello

Beautiful morning, beautiful airplane, and not so beautiful water levels............. Posted by Hello

Ernie fires up the 985 CI Pratt And Whitney "Junior", and he is off to Armstrong, Ontario........... Posted by Hello

Then, later in the day, I went to Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge, as ex-NHL "grinder" Kris King was going fishing with friends.

WELCOME! Posted by Hello

The new boats we hauled in sure look nice! Posted by Hello

HYB, posing on the dock! Posted by Hello

These boats will soon be full of fishermen! Posted by Hello

High water starting to submerge the dock at Aikens Lake, also! Posted by Hello

As I cranked out of Aikens Lake, the "Falls" on the Gammon River feeding Aikens Lake are just "boiling"! Posted by Hello

So, here I sit, another day done, but before I go, here are some good links again. If you like well-run, good fishing camps, here they are!

Trophy Fish Outposts

Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge

You won't go wrong!

(P.S. - I know of a good, working, Mark V, Noorduyn Norseman for sale, on floats, anybody interested? Give me an e-mail, and I will give you the contact info!

Cheers, as I "rattle" the ice in my "pickle jar"!

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