Saturday, June 18, 2005


Anniversary Of A Great Speech.........

JUNE 18, 1940

The "noxious", dark cloud of Hitler's Nazi menace was slowly enveloping Europe. Within a month, France's cowardly Marshal Petain would capitulate to the Nazis, and General De Gaulle sought refuge to regroup and fight back, from Casablanca. In all of this mayhem, there was a "pillar of marble", steadfast, a shining example of manhood, and so aware of the boundaries between right and wrong, and totally certain that "good" would defeat the "Nazi evil". His peripheral vision and comprehension of events unfolding around him was without peer. He stood at the forefront, with a nation behind and supporting him, and "vociferously" challenged Hitler. He was aware of the costs and hardship about to be borne by his people, but nevertheless, he stood his ground. He foresaw the "Battle Of Britain", but was sure of a successful outcome, no matter what the cost. He pleaded with the Americans to enter the war, all to no avail. It would take Pearl Harbor for that to happen. Yes, this man "exuded greatness", and history has remembered him favourably. I have never heard a man with a better mastery of the English language, "lisp", and all. Yes, I speak of Winston Churchill. Here is what Winston Churchill said, 65 years ago, to the day, that paved the way for the freedom we are still experiencing!

Winston Churchill Speech; - "This Was Their Finest Hour"

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