Thursday, April 28, 2005


A Day In My Life..........

4:30 AM. Damn. Awake again. My "Bush Pilot alarm clock" had gone off again, but I didn't have to get up that early today. Got up, took a "whizz", had a glass of skim milk, and it was back to the "rack". I had been out with good friends the night previous, and "indulged", and enjoyed myself, but my head was clear. 6:00 AM. Awake again, this time for good. Outside on the ground, "SNOW". Not a lot, but the whole ground is covered. It is still freezing every night. Today I wanted to take our Cessna 185, C-GFVZ across Lake Winnipeg to be put on floats, but it was still snowing and blowing, so I never panicked to go early. I was also to take my friend Rick, who has a C-185, as it was at our hangar in Silver Falls, having been put on floats for him. I spoke with him around 8:00 AM, and I told him I would check weather. I called him later, and told him we would go after lunch, as the forecast was calling for the weather to improve about 1:00 PM. I went to the airport early and prepped the plane and "ran it up".

Rick arrived after lunch, and we were airborne about 1:30 PM. We headed south along Lake Winnipeg, as we would go around the lake, not cross it on wheels. We enjoyed the scenery, when we could see anything for the snow showers, and made Silver Falls. The "hangar boys" were putting Otter C-GBTU on floats, my airplane, and I took some pics. Rick and I headed for the river to find his airplane, and put it in the water. Steve Gaffray was driving the old International "Cornbinder" plane-launcher, and soon C-GULA was in the water.

We chatted and told jokes for an hour, and Rick and I were airborne, with Rick flying. Back into the snow-showers. Old C-GULA ran like a top, and we made it back to Riverton. Rick's landing on the Icelandic River didn't compress my spine, but it was "firm". I'm sure he will be doing "greasers" within no time. Made it home safe and sound, and headed to the town Minor Hockey "windup". Enjoyed myself, and now I type away sucking a "whiskey and water". What a life! (and soon to get busier!!)

C-GFVZ awaits Rick and I to fly her to Silver Falls for float change-over........... Posted by Hello

Poor Piper Aztec C-GOXI. After her maiden "shakedown" this spring, flown by local pilot and owner Craig, her prop touched the ground due to her gear sinking in soft ground, so her prop had to be repaired, and her engine had to come off for inspection......... Posted by Hello

South of Gimli is "Siglavik", an imaginative development on Lake Winnipeg............ Posted by Hello

Arriving in Silver Falls, we are greeted by the "skidder" and Walter turbine Otter C-FIOF........ Posted by Hello

A "skidder" and an "Otter"....... Posted by Hello

Beautiful airplane, ready for the water...... Posted by Hello

Putting BTU on floats........... Posted by Hello

Head-on view............. Posted by Hello

The "hangar boys" at work.......... Posted by Hello

The nose of "Walter" BTU........... Posted by Hello

Launching ULA........... Posted by Hello

Rick handling ULA........... Posted by Hello

The International "plane-launcher", designed and manufactured by mentors and "Skunk Works" wizards Art and Don Gaffray............ Posted by Hello

"Polish" Otter HYB ready for work......... Posted by Hello

Nice angle view of HYB........... Posted by Hello

View of lake Winnipeg on the ride home from C-185 ULA.......... Posted by Hello

Still snow on Hecla Island sand-bar.......... Posted by Hello

View from ULA arriving for landing on the Icelandic River at Riverton, home.......... just another day in my life!!! Till next time,.......... Posted by Hello

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