Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Refugees? More like "Engineers"!

The story of the Grass family will become a movie, I guarantee it. They have finally reached "freedom", after leaving Cuba. The picture below is of a 1951 Chevy pickup, and on this attempt they made it to within 40 miles of the U.S. before the U.S. Coast Guard intercepted them and returned them to Cuba. A second attempt was made in a Buick sedan (I'm serious, a Buick sedan) converted into a boat. Again, they were intercepted. They have now reached the U.S. overland and will be allowed to stay. Refugees with that determination should be allowed to stay, as I'm sure they were persecuted, and will be productive. I'm sure that anyone with enough talent to get to the U.S. from Cuba by "truck", will have no trouble finding a job in welding or manufacturing, maybe even in the "research and development" division of some company. I think this fellow and his family clearly reflect one of the national mottos of the U.S., E Pluribus Unum!! It is too bad the Coast Guard sank the 2 improvised boats, as I'm sure they would have been right at home in the "Smithsonian", as a presentation entitled "Human Ingenuity and Spirit in the Quest for Freedom". (Click on the title and read the whole amazing story)

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Gregory Wald / U.S. Coast Guard via AP file

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