Thursday, January 27, 2005


New Update On Hatred!!!

Filth being spewed by supposed people of influence. Terrible and ridiculous! This is what we are up against! Experience the simmering and embedded hatred, right HERE!!!!! The "verbal sewage" coming from the Mullahs makes me ill, as I'm sure it will make you ill also as you read the transcripts of their speeches. So-called religious leaders are saying that the tsunami was punishment for sex tourism, give me a break! So many children killed and families disrupted, a total tragedy, and some religious (so-called) leaders blaming the victims! Check out how women can be treated with the full support of the DESPOTS in power in some of the backward Middle East countries right HERE!!!!! These people are a blight on all humanity! Cheers to the people in countries with a sense of humanity who have stepped up to the forefront and have helped the tsunami victims!!

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