Saturday, January 29, 2005


Iraq Election

I sit at the computer and my mind wanders to the people of Iraq and realize it is 3:22 AM, Jan. 30, in Iraq, and the Iraqi election will begin at 7:00 AM Iraq time, 10:00 PM CST in Manitoba, Jan.29. I sure hope it goes as well as can be expected under the circumstances, the law-abiding peaceful citizens of Iraq need a break. I won't get into a pro and con discussion of going to war, but the reality is the "Coalition" is there now, and everything must be done to improve the lives of ordinary Iraqis, especially the children. Show them there is a better way of life, where a kid can be a kid, and not be indoctrinated with hate. Anyways, here is hoping.

One other thing, I wish the mainstream media would air on their networks the tremendous amount of "good"; ie- rebuilding and reconstruction, food aid, medicine, water, expertise, etc., that the Americans and their partners have done. All we ever see is doom and gloom, which should be reported, but show the flip-side as well. You can't tell me that with all the soldiers and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Iraq, there isn't "good" being done. Abu Ghraib was a travesty, but is the exception, and the perpetrators will be dealt with. There are tremendous moral and dedicated people in Iraq, with honest intentions of improving quality of life for the locals. Click this LINK to find other links and different opinions of the Iraq and the Middle East situation.

In closing, I choose to be optomistic about the election. There will be violence but hopefully the voice of the people will be heard. My prayers, and many others', I'm sure, are with the Iraqi people.

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