Thursday, January 06, 2005


God Bless America!!!!

I think the "Tsunami Disaster" should really open up some people's eyes about the American people. The "only" people on earth you can "always" count on in time of crisis. What other country on earth would have two former Presidents, one 80 years old, and one recovering from heart surgery, spearheading a relief effort? American servicemen delivering medicine and water to the stricken, always being the first to help. The U.S. Government has pledged $350,000,000 so far, with more to come, I am sure, and the American people have already donated another $120,000,000 out of their own pockets!! I hope the people and countries that are always maligning the Americans do as much. The American flag and what it represents always has and always will be the standard all countries should strive towards. I have more to say on this issue, but Howard Schnauber says it MUCH better than a humble sap like myself ever could, right HERE! God Bless America!!!

It seems we may feel the same about our neighbors to the south. I personally really like George Bush.
The novelty of slamming Americans long ago lost it's lustre for me. Without them we would have had the Nazis, Fascists, or the Reds. Nobody is perfect, but I'll take the Bush family standards over most.
Hey, lets remember that the American people are the ones who came through here. Our administrations first 2 offers were both less than the security bill of his upcoming inauguration, and came days after the event. the second offer was still less, and was even later...

The american people raised double those amounts in a matter of days, and shamed the admin into stepping up to the plate. Sure, we had an aircraft carrier on the way there within hours, but no mention of it heading to indonesia until it was clear Diego Garcia was OK.

Yeah, we are a great people, but we are not the ONLY ones you can rely on in a crisis. Per capita Norway has us beat maybe 10 to 1 on the money side, donations AND support. So, yeah, we are doing the right thing, and for the right reasons, etc.. but there is still a lot to do.

If it's all the same, save the flag waving and horn-blowing for somewhere near the end of the tragedy. It's embarassing.

Lastly, Bush's values may be better than some other folks, but they still aren't the one's I'd teach my children.
First off, any money coming from the U.S. Administration also comes from the American people. It is their money. The original reports that came from the devastation area predicted nowhere near the deaths we have seen today. I remember the first report I heard said maybe upwards of 10,000 people were dead, which obviously is still a tragedy, but would not require the commitment of assets and manpower that we need today. It wasn't until days later we learned of the scope of the tragedy and the donations and aid increased. As for the President's inauguration, you seem to blame him for having one. It wasn't his idea. It is an American tradition. I find it ludicrous you would even bring this point up. Other Presidents before him have had them, too, as I'm sure you know.

Americans are a great, giving people. Maybe I should have rephrased my comment to say; "only" people on earth you can "always" count on in "every" time of crisis. As for comparing the U.S. to Norway in terms of donations, I applaud the Norwegians, but face reality, without the U.S. there would be no means to insert Aid Workers, distribute medicine and food-stuffs, evacuate wounded people, etc., etc..

I am sorry that flag-waving and horn-blowing embarrasses you. I'm sure you get your share of milk and honey from the good citizens of the U.S., and you know, if flag-waving embarrasses you, you could live elsewhere. Say, Canada, where they take all the Canadian Flags off all the Provincial Government Buildings in Newfoundland because the Premier is mad at the Federal Government in Ottawa over oil revenue monies and equalization payments. The Canadian flag should never be treated in this manner, and it never would be in the U.S.. It is an insult to all our great Veterans.

Lastly, you have the right to teach your children your own values, based on your own beliefs and religious and cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Guess why? You are living in the U.S.A.. Count your blessings. Americans aren't perfect, but then again, perfection is unattainable, but at least they try to attain as high a standard as possible.
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